A Story of Awakening to People

A Post by Jimmy Adcox.

We kicked off 30 days of prayer and fasting this past Sunday.  Together, with each other and over 20 other churches, we have begun a journey of prayer and fasting for our city, our church, our deepest personal longings, and for more of God in our lives. 

In times like this, we may find ourselves awakening to God and the people around us.  As we pray and reflect throughout each day, we may begin to notice God working in our lives in ways we might otherwise have missed.  That’s what happened to Nate and Donna Lipsky after church this past Sunday.

Nate and Donna visited a small restaurant for the first time for Sunday lunch.  They were discussing the message – going over the points and evaluating what kind of neighbors they really are.  Nate shared the context for his story:  “That’s the conversation I was having while this is the scene around me.  No one is in the restaurant but us and one other couple.  I didn’t pay much attention to them at all, either when we walked in or sat down.  I was oblivious to them.  We had ordered and were waiting for our food.”

Nate continued, “Now back to the story. I was literally sharing with my wife how I needed to be better to people around me and be aware of my surroundings instead of rushing through life in a hurry.  As I was saying this, the waitress walked up to our table and said, “Here is an appetizer from the couple across the restaurant.  They liked it and bought one for you to enjoy.  I was speechless!!  I was talking about doing something and here is this young couple who are literally doing something!  I was still in disbelief because no one has ever done that for me.  The timing was unbelievably spot-on!  I walked over and thanked them a number of times for their gesture and told them how touched I was.”

Nate went on to say, “I’m not judging here at all … just describing. They were in their early 20’s with multiple body piercings, face piercings, and multi-colored hair.  My day was totally blessed and certainly touched by that simple gesture.  It was a gesture I didn’t see coming – just at the moment while I was saying words.”

Thanks for sharing this story Nate. 

When we are awake to God and the people around us, nothing is a coincidence.  Everything is significant.  Holy moments appear into our day.  God has a way of using our moments and the people around us to teach or reinforce what he is already beginning to do in us.  When we see God working around us and in us, we become hungry to notice more. 

If and when you experience sacred moments during these 30 days, would you be willing to share your story?  Send them to family@swfamily.org or post some of your own experience or reflections here.  We’ll be sharing stories as a way of encouraging each other to see God at work all around us.

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